Only drivers aged between 25-70 years and approved by the company and whose details have been recorded on the rental agreement are permitted to drive the vehicles. All drivers must have held a full driving license for at least two years. Points and endorsements need to be declared before the commencement of the hire, failure to do so could result in termination of your hire without a refund. Please check our points and endorsement page HERE. Please note that even if an endorsement has expired it could still affect your hire, please call the office if in doubt.


We do not/can not provide insurance to anyone delivering parcels for the likes of DPD, Amazon, Fedex, DHL etc etc.
However we are more than happy for the vehicle to be self insured, providing that we have a policy document stipulating the vehicle will be covered!
If in doubt give us a ring….


All vehicles are covered for third party risks. For all and any claim customers are responsible for the first £1000 excess on all vehicles with the exception of the 9 seater (including any third party claim). Collision Damage Waiver is available to reduce the insurance excess. The driver is liable for any overhead damage howsoever caused. Own insurance policies are accepted as long as a fully comprehensive cover note for the hired vehicle is in our possession.


Tyre damage caused by negligence; overhead damage, internal damage, Glass damage, missing radios and accessories are not covered by any type of insurance.


Drivers are responsible for ensuring that rented vehicles are not overloaded. Current regulations impose severe penalties for loading a vehicle in excess of its maximum seating or payload.


Our online booking system does not show live vehicle availability, it does however show you the vehicles that we have on our hire fleet. Online booking’s are made on a request basis and will be accepted/rejected by a member of staff during office hours only.
Although we endeavour to accept all bookings there are instances where we are unable to do so, if this is the case please be aware that once a booking has been rejected the processing of refunds is the responsibility of your bank or building society and not with Swindon Car and Van.


Although the company’s rates include maintenance and oil, the Driver is responsible for daily checking of oil and water levels and tyre pressures during the rental period.


In the event of a breakdown please contact the relevant Emergency Freephone number which is attached to the windscreen of all vehicles and listed on your rental agreement. This can also be found on the vehicle key fob.


A £250 deposit is payable on all vehicle rental via credit card. A deposit is not required when Collision Damage Waiver is taken except for car hire. A £500 deposit is payable on trailer hire.


Credit or Debit card details are required to secure a booking. Payment is required at commencement of rental by debit or credit card. All extended hire periods and weekend bookings must be paid for in advance.


Advance payments will be refunded in full provided 48 hours notice is given when cancelling any booked rental period.


Whilst every effort will be made to supply the model requested, in the event of it being unavailable an alternative model will be provided.


Our vehicles must not be used for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward, for any illegal purpose or to carry any number of passengers greater than manufacturer’s recommendations.

They cannot be used outside of the UK mainland unless European Assistance and a Green Card are supplied and European travel is agreed by us.


We operate a fair usage mileage policy and do not charge for mileage used with the following exceptions.

(A) Usage in excess of 500 miles per week or a maximum of 2500 per month.

(B) Cars, mileage restrictions apply on all cars as follows

200 free miles per days hire

350 free miles for weekend hire

500 free miles per week hire

Additional mileage will be charged at a rate of 15 pence per mile inclusive of VAT