Rent boys banned by BT

That was the headline back in 2008 when M4 Self Drive launched their advertising campaign “rent boys”.

This AD stood out from the crowd and had a big impact with the public. BT wouldn’t publish this campaign as they thought it was misleading.

M4 Self Drive now known as Swindon Car & Van wanted to be different from everyone else and have a unique advert.

This advert gave us great publicity as it was all over the press and in the local papers. We wasn’t only just in the paper we had customers making jokes about our ad left right and centre which created a lot of banter.

It was great to see our companies advert creating such an impact, how could be possibly match the publicity?

Its now 2011 and were looking to launch a new campaign, but how can we compare to the “rent boys” advert?

If you have any ideas on a new campaign we can launch or have any feedback feel free to pop in and see the “rent boys” at Swindon Car & Van today.

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